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Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

In April 2010 the Government introduced the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme to encourage householders and businesses to generate clean electricity and reduce carbon emissions.

The FIT scheme means energy companies will pay you for all energy produced by your PV solar system, whether it’s used or exported back to the grid. The Feed-in Tariff is also tax free and rises annually in line with inflation.

The electricity you buy from your supplier currently will be costing around 14p per kWh, but if you fit a typical domestic solar panel array on your roof, the Feed-in Tariff will reward you for every kWh of electricity you generate – whether you use it or not.

Who can claim the tariffs?

Anyone in England, Scotland or Wales who installs a PV solar system is eligible to claim the tariff.
However, to claim the Feed-in Tariffs you are required to use an approved MCS installer (CJ Eco is an approved MCS installer).

How much will I receive from the tariffs?

The rate you receive is dependent upon the kW size of your system:

  • The current top rate is 3.79p for every kWh you produce
  • Export any unused electricity to the grid and earn an extra 5.24p per kWh

Feed-in Tariff rates are RPI Linked and income is tax free. An additional tariff will also be paid for energy fed into the grid. The scheme runs for 20 years from when your installation is complete and you will be paid quarterly by your energy provider.

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